First gacha replacement event since the ban

Patchwork Pumpkins @ Halloween Spooktacular!

After feeling so sad about the removal of Gacha from SL, I was so excited to learn about the new NextUp vendor system created and provided by BellaTech. I am so happy to participate in their first event with the new system which works in a very similar way to the former Gacha machine. Items are still No Copy/Transfer, but the main difference is that buyers are able to see the name of the item available for purchase on the vendor. The names of the items correspond directly with the numbered keys. The items are cycled at random through the vendor, so buyers are still able to get the feeling of the former Gacha experience. Also, a new addition is the Fatpack option – all vendors provide the entire collection of items for a flat price. I am so happy that the spirit behind the fun of Gacha creating and shopping will live on!

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